Welcome to the private Art Lesson


Here’s a wonderful truth....

..... we are all capable of learning to see and record our observations.

Did you know that 98% of  what our senses take in is through our eyes?  The other 2% is all of our other senses combined!  That’s why understanding what we see is so important.

The benefits of art education have long been studied. Some include:

  • drawing from observation fosters hand - eye coordination that translates to other disciplines 
  • learning  to trust our own intuition nurtures creative problem solving
  • becoming  visually acute enables us to communicate ideas more effectively 
  • understanding and applying the elements and principles of good design creates confidence
  • learning how other artists influence our culture brings the world into better context
  • and it’s surprisingly powerful to practice stillness

It’s always about getting better at observing...

Whether it is noticing how clouds are formed, the way light plays on the surface of various textures, or how perspective works, engaging in art making makes us better at noticing and reproducing the wonders around us.