Enrollment info

8th grade drawing project

I come to your home.....

....all we need is a table and good lighting!

Classes for young people

I can teach one-on-one or in small groups.  Friends can meet at someone's house for a group lesson.

I LOVE 3-D projects such as papier mache, oven-fired clay, or what the imagination comes up with!

We can meet any week day afternoon except Wednesdays, plus Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Most classes are an hour - but they can be longer if needed.

We can meet once a week, twice a week, or perhaps less often with longer classes.  

I can also help develop an impressive Portfolio.

Classes for adults

Would you like to learn to draw/paint or do a fun project while your kids are in school?  We can meet privately or in small groups during that time.

Summer Camps

Let's discuss!  I can do weeklong projects based on an idea I have or you have!  A week of art history learning and making?  Exploring a particular material?  A favorite theme?


For a private lesson in your home, I charge $65 an hour for the first student, and $20 for each additional student. Payment needs to be made before the lesson begins. 

Depending on your goals, I'll make a list of needed materials and the best places to get them.   It is best for you to get the materials so they remain with you.  Just like learning to play the piano, practice in between lessons is most helpful.