What folks have said:

from a mom:

 "How do you thank an amazing, talented gift to both of your boys?

Two color blind boys; one with Dysgraphia came to you thinking they had no artistic abilities. They are leaving you knowing they are ARTISTS!!"

from a student:

"Thank you for inspiring me to try art despite me being convinced that I was terrible at it!  You always encouraged me to keep trying and working through my doubts and problems.  Now I feel confident when drawing, painting, using cardboard etc!  You always let me work through my problems on my own before helping me, which really taught me how to become confident...."

a student says:

"Because of you, I have learned not only how to be a better artist, but to be someone who persists, even if things are hard...."

The only boy in an all girl class!

"Art was easily my favorite class just because of you....this class gave me joy every day."

a girl's memory:

"Being in your art class was so much fun!!  You found a way to make learning exciting....Thank you for being such a great teacher."

a high school students remembers:

"Thank you for inspiring a love for art that now runs deep.  Thank you for planting the seed."